Scott Safford

Jonathan Motley

Safford Motley PLC advises individuals and business clients in entertainment, employment, immigration, and business matters.  Safford Motley PLC’s clients include award-winning songwriters and musical artists, independent recording labels and publishers, executives and investors, large international companies, and employers of all sizes. Safford Motley PLC’s mission is to provide the absolute top level of legal expertise and industry contacts to advance and protect our clients’ careers, creations, and interests.

      With substantial major label and large law firm experience, Safford Motley PLC has deep and broad experience in all of the firm’s practice areas.  This experience provides the firm the ability to advise clients from not only a perspective of strict legal analysis but also from a perspective of practical experience and relationships.

      Safford Motley PLC is heavily involved in the communities and industries we serve.  The firm strongly believes that this involvement helps us develop and maintain relationships and networks that ultimately benefit our clients.  In addition, such involvement keeps us on the forefront of changes and developments that potentially impact our clients.