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Safford Motley advises businesses in the full spectrum of labor and employment relations, representing employers ranging from small start-ups to international enterprises and publicly-traded companies.

We assist clients with recruitment and hiring, contract administration for key executives, day-to-day HR advice, reductions-in-force, and post-employment disputes. Some of our specific areas of experience and expertise include:

  • Negotiating and drafting employment agreements

  • Non-competition and trade secret agreements

  • Drafting and reviewing company policies and handbooks

  • Conducting compliance and harassment investigations

  • Severance agreements

  • Reorganizations and RIFs

  • Representational campaigns and elections

  • I-9 compliance and audits

  • FMLA compliance

  • Wage and hour compliance audits

  • Manager and staff training

  • WARN compliance

  • Union avoidance and training

  • Stock options and incentive compensation plans

  • Employment Litigation

Employment disputes are almost inevitable in today’s environment. While our focus is on helping businesses avoid these disputes, we offer deep experience in employment litigation, defending employers in EEO claims, non-compete litigation, arbitrations, and wage and hour actions. We have successfully resolved hundreds of administrative claims and investigations including EEOC charges of discrimination, OSHA contests, NLRB proceedings, and DOL audits and adversarial proceedings.

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